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What maintenance is required on my air conditioning system?

Air conditioners do require regular maintenance. They have air filters that need cleaning and/or replacement.

The filters protect the indoor fan and coil from being blocked up with dust and dirt. The filter media in a ducted system should be replaced three (3) years. The outdoor coil does not have filters therefore the coil needs to be cleaned as well. This coil is much more accessible for cleaning and can be done with a hose.

The filter in a split system should be cleaned every 3 – 6 months. You can clean the filter with a vacuum or with a mild detergent and rinse filter clean with water.

The coil of the outdoor unit should be kept clear of any rubbish or debris, as this will reduce air flow and therefore reduce the unit’s capacity.

Do I need a Services Technician to carry out the maintenance required?

You will only need to have a Services Technician carry out the maintenance if you are unable to do this yourself.

Upon installing a unit we go through and explain the required maintenance and give our customers a maintenance sheet. We don’t pressure to sell our customers servicing contracts however are more than willing to provide servicing to your air conditioning system.

How long does it take to install an air conditioning system?

It is usually best to allow at least half a day for a split system and two days for a ducted system, depending on the size of the unit and house.

What maintenance is required on my air conditioning system?

It really depends on the air conditioner – some require a high level of maintenance and some don’t. Domestic air conditioners are manufactured so that they require less maintenance with maintenance free sealed bearings on the fans, direct drive fan motors and hermetically sealed compressors.

What is cheaper – Gas heating or reverse cycle?

A reverse cycle high wall split is around half the running cost of natural gas heating and about a quarter of the cost of resistive electrical heating. This difference in cost can change from state to state therefore we would recommend using our calculator to work out your cost using your providers of energy, gas and electric.

Should I have my unit installed on a wall bracket or a concrete slab?

We recommend installing the outdoor unit on a wall bracket, as it keeps the unit off the ground and reduces slugs, bugs, cockroaches and geckos from making their home under the unit. This is the perfect place for these creatures to live and we have seen many air conditioners fail due to them shorting out electrical components in the outdoor unit.

Where is the best location for the return air – the wall or the ceiling?

For air conditioning we recommend installing the return air grill in the ceiling. The air flow from an air conditioner is higher than ducted gas heating and velocity out of the outlet forces the warm air down to the floor. You tend to not have the same problem with stratification as you would with ducted gas. Having the grill mounted in the ceiling also reduces noise, as the grill can be larger in size and reduce air noise. It also saves you losing precious cupboard space.

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