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Fully Airconditioned Canberra


in slab air conditioningDesigning and building your new home is an exciting prospect and offers all sorts of opportunities to make decisions on inclusions for your new home.

One important aspect you will need to decide on is the method of heating and cooling your home. Building a home from the ground up allows for the installation of highly efficient systems that can’t be used in existing building structures. In slab heating and cooling is one of these systems.

Fully Airconditioned have Rehau  trained technicians who can install in slab hydronic systems coupled with Daikin Altherma  to provide year round comfort.

With hydronic heating and cooling high pressure polyethylene tubing is laid and cast into the concrete slab of your new home. On connection to a heating and cooling source, water is circulated through the tubing to heat or cool the concrete slab. The dense mass of the concrete absorbs and stores the waters temperature and gently and evenly radiates it into your home, heating or cooling every corner. As the denseness of the concrete provides a highly effective thermal mass, maintaining the desired temperature requires minimal operating costs.

This highly efficient method can be coupled to solar hot water system that will provide truly environmentally “Green” heating and cooling to your home.

Let Fully Airconditioned design and install a quality in slab heating and cooling system for you.

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